Why You Should Buy Basketball Shoes

For the basketball aficionado, buying basketball shoes is a given. It’s part of the gear you need when you are serious about the game. For others who aren’t into the game but buy them anyway, basketball shoes are about style. But maybe you aren’t into basketball. If you’d like to buy a pair, but would like a couple of good reasons to do so, then read on.

Provision of Foot Protection

Good quality basketball shoes provide the best foot protection because these were specifically engineered for basketball. Because the game involves quick bursts of speed down the court, sudden stops and turns, and gravity defying jumps, you can imagine the incredible strain all these motions give the feet and ankles. To address these concerns, the basketball shoe has been designed to provide superior cushioning and support to both foot and ankle. State of the art materials are used to make sure the foot is well ventilated and protected, even in long periods of intense game play.

So how does this translate to the non-basketball player exactly? If these shoes are made to protect the feet of basketball players, think of the protection these state of the art shoes will do for you when you’re on your daily run. Think of how these shoes will protect you when you go to the store. Hey, accidents do happen. With basketball shoes, you can be sure your feet and ankles are protected.


shoes-basketballBasketball players are on their feet a lot whenever they’re on the court. You can bet they’d be on the lookout for a comfortable pair of shoes so that they can concentrate on their game. A good pair of basketball shoes delivers on comfort for your feet. The cushions will absorb impact on the foot as you walk or jog, while the breathable layers keep your feet cool, ever after a hard run. After spending a whole day in business shoes, don’t you think your feet deserve some comfort?


If you notice, a lot of people are wearing basketball shoes these days. And a lot of them aren’t wearing boring, ordinary sneakers. Some of these shoes are so brightly colored and imaginatively designed that they are practically art for your feet.

We have the celebrities to thank for the widespread use of basketball shoes. They use sneakers almost daily, and their sneakers look so cool, people just want to get their own pairs. Wearing fine kicks add to their style.

All-Around Footwear

Your basketball shoes can be worn with almost anything. You can use them for a variety of occasions. You can use them for parties, shopping, walks, daily runs, and work outs. Basketball shoes aren’t exclusively for the basketball court anymore. It has become a standard for casual wear.

One reason for this is that basketball shoes aren’t only about looks. When you walk in a pair of good quality sneakers, you know how the shoes grip the pavement. It gives confidence in your step, knowing that your shoes have a good grip the pavement, even in rainy weather.

Unique Designs

Some basketball shoes have such unique designs; they’re perfect for people who want to express their individuality. Some designs work beyond the basic colors by using eye catching color combinations. Others boast of unique shapes and textures by mixing and matching materials for uppers and soles. Still others feature special technology that offers superior cushioning incorporated into the design. With so many choices, you can stand out among your friends simply by wearing kicks that no one else has.

Status Symbol

Basketball shoes have also become a status symbol. It is true that some sneakers are very expensive. The most expensive ones are usually the engineered shoes, the one specially designed to provide the very best features for the discerning basketball player–and the discriminating sneaker fan.

Those who are into sneakers know the prices of the latest kicks. Having a pair of the latest design of the most expensive basketball shoes shout to the world that you have it made. Some fans actually collect shoes and are understandably proud of their expensive collection.

Overall Feel

Wearing basketball shoes also makes some folks feel sporty. For some people, wearing a great pair makes them feel confident on the hard court. For others, they enjoy wearing sneakers because it shows how they love being healthy and fit. Still others just enjoy working out in these sneakers. Whatever the reason, putting on basketball shoes projects a confident air of athleticism.


Of course, there are lots more reasons for buying a pair of basketball shoes, even if you aren’t into basketball. But the promises of superior protection, comfort, stylishness and practicality should be enough to convince. So try them out. Buy a good, quality pair of basketball shoes. When you finally get to use the sneakers, you’ll be so comfortable you probably won’t want to wear any other shoe.

How To Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

how-to-chooseEver feel that choosing the best basketball shoes is like looking for a needle in a haystack? Sure, you can grab the cheapest sneakers out there, but you pay for that big time when it breaks apart during your do-or-die game. No, you need the best basketball shoes. Your game deserves it. YOU deserve it. So how do you go about getting it?

First, we need to figure out what the “best basketball shoes” means. The best basketball shoes are shoes that meet your needs as a basketball player. It’s durable, comfortable, gives great support, affordable, and looks cool.

Know Your Needs

If the shoes are going to meet your needs, you have to know what your feet need. So, if you play basketball a lot, then you’ll be sprinting, cutting, and jumping about a lot. These actions stress out your feet and ankles, and could severely injure them. So you’ll need shoes that give solid support to your foot and ankle. The shoes have to have hard-wearing cushions and dependable traction that grips the court every time.

You also need to know how you play the game. The speedster dominates with his speed. This player needs a low top that isn’t heavy, and has excellent cushioning and foot support. The powerhouse gets a lot of contact and does lots of jumping. This player must have a mid-top or high-top with some heft, and extreme cushions. The all-around guy does everything. This player must have mid-top shoes with maxed-out cushions and support without being too heavy. What’s your game style? Knowing it will help you find out what shoe is best for you.

Once you’ve decided on the features the basketball shoes need to have, you make a list so you don’t forget what you’re looking for. But before you go searching for that perfect pair of kicks, it makes good sense to have your feet measured by a pro. This way you’ll know the exact size you need, and if the shoe needs to be narrow or wide. This way, you’ll get a perfect fit once you find those shoes.

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of what you’ll need, it’s time to do a little legwork. To get started, you can make an internet search to narrow your choices using your list of features. You can look through the different brands to see what they have to offer. When you see pairs you like, write the names down. Make sure you take note of the prices of the pairs and compare the offers of different stores. You can save money if you look for bargains on the sneakers you like. Checking for store sales in the newspapers is a great way of finding bargains.

By the way, when you’re about to check out the kicks, make sure you wear your game socks. Dress or wool socks will not give you the true feel of the shoes. With these socks, the sneakers might fit well in the store. But out on the court where it really matters, the shoes might give you problems.

Look for the Shoes

Although you can find most anything on the internet, nothing beats going to the store to check out the sneakers you like. You get to touch it, fit it, and see if it’s right for you. Here are a few things to look for when you’re in the store.

When you see a good pair of shoes on the store, just look it over, checking for the quality of the materials, how well the parts are connected to each other, and how flexible the shoe is. Check to see if the sole will help your game. If the sole is rubber with a pattern designed for maximum traction, then the shoes might be the ones you need.


But it is still best to try both shoes at the same time. That’s the only way you can find out if the shoes are the ones you are looking for. While you have them on, try to answer these questions in your mind. Do the shoes squeeze your feet? When you walk, does it feel good on your feet? Are they too heavy? Or maybe too light? Do your feet slide inside the shoes as you walk? Do your feet feel cool and comfortable? Or do they feel hot and stuffy?


Try some light jogging, sudden cuts, pivots and some jumps. Remember the shoes have to feel natural on your feet whenever you’re doing your game moves. If it feels cramped along the sides of your feet, or it feels loose no matter how tightly you lace it, check out another pair.

Once you’ve bought a durable pair that feels good and comfortable on your feet, looks cool, and is reasonably priced, then congratulations! You’ve found the best basketball shoes for you!